Camera Rigs - with speed and ease

To film a car or motorcycle, a use of tracking vehicle or a car like SUV with a crane is the most widely used method of filming.   However, I specialise in making own rigs and stabilise the camera onto a car or motorcycle - then drive the vehicle myself to capture some unique footage that can only be achieved by this method.

Utilising the driving / riding skills that I have gained over the years, sometimes the driving speed reaches 200km/hr+ or the distance between the camera and the object can be as close as 50cm - yet the the camera is perfectly synchronised.  Keeping the eyes on the monitor at the same time and using my instinct as director/cameraman, I can create the driving image that other tracking vehicle teams cannot produce.

Push, normal speed
Pull, very slow

Pull, normal speed
Pull, high speed

Pull like parallel, slow
Parallel, slow

Pull, high speed

Push, high speed
High speed

Normal speed
Running speed

Push, normal speed
Pull, normal speed

Durable w/RED
High angle
Monitor display

Push, two cameras
Durable, self mount
Simple, quick set

Monitor display
Body Rig
One for video, one for still

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