Kazuaki Ono - Born in Tokyo, 1969.

From a young age, I grew up surrounded by photography, motorcycles and vehicles. My greatest influence came from my father, who was also a photographer and motorcyclist. My father even raced at the famous MANX GP; motorcycles were his life and passion. Unfortunately he is no longer with me now. But the exhilaration of the power of the engine roaring between his legs along with the feeling of the wind in his face continue to run in my blood.

I always find the best way to express my passion onto a photograph and also video. Even if the vehicle was traveling slower than walking speed or faster than the speed of sound, I will travel with it and will not let the object escape from my view finder.

In 2014, I relocated from Japan. Now I am based in Sydney, Australia.

Katsuji Ono rode a G50 Matchless in 500cc Senior Classic race. Manx Grand Prix 1988. (quote from "Japanese Riders in the Isle Of Man")

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